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Coastlines 2022+

My new work is inspired by abstract aerial views of waterways, coastlines and bridges which imply journeys and migration from urban to rural settings. Click HERE to view series.


Exodus 2020-2021

This series is based on my emotional response during the pandemic and speaks to new beginnings, migration from urban to rural settings, regeneration and hope. I used black and white to convey light and coming out of darkness. The blue hues represent hope; pink for love and kindness and the warm tones for the sunshine/sunrise for new beginnings. Click HERE to view series.


New Frontiers 2020

Inspired by NASA's solar system explorations. I wanted to look beyond Earth and examine topography on planets while thinking about the possibility of space tourism and exploration of other planets. Click HERE to view series.


Journeys in Japan 2019-2020

Before embarking on a tour of Japan, I unexpectedly lost two family members to cancer. My trip to Japan was planned as an anniversary celebration but it became a journey of healing. After visiting historical and religious sites, I returned home with a renewed sense of inner peace and this became my motivating force to produce for this series. Click HERE to view series.

Anastessia Bettas, abstract landscapes

Urban Maps 2013-2020

I capture the vitality of the urban experience using intuitive mark making to transcend the hectic pace of city living juxtaposed with nature walks. The grids are my interpretation of infrastructure within urban environments but also suggest journeys to and from urban and rural settings.Click HERE to view this ongoing series.

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