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Artist Statement:

“I am intrigued by landscapes where natural and human made surfaces converge, depict history and contain numerous phases of existence. I'm interested in how cultures and people interact with their environments, and how these interactions shape the land. My work is a visual response to these environments in harmony with inner landscapes to balance chaos and order.  The use of lines and grids meander, intersect, and intertwine, representing both physical and metaphorical journeys. Each composition tells a unique story, a personal reflection of my own inner exploration, my travels and a connection with the world around me. My intention is to encourage an emotional narrative by creating a sense of contemplation and inviting viewers to explore the interconnectedness of the external world and their inner landscapes with references to the wonders and beauty of nature and the built environment."

"Each composition tells a unique story, a personal reflection of my own inner exploration, my travels and a connection with the world around me."


"I work intuitively and also from sketches, influenced by a visual library consisting of memories, travel and satellite imagery. I use a variety of media either encaustic or mixed media and acrylic paint depending on the size and scope of the series or painting.​ I add and subtract multiple layers of paint with intuitive mark making to create surfaces rich in depth, texture and complexity which allude to surfaces and erosion found in nature and human made formations."

Artistic Influences:

"I've long admired works by Agnes Martin, Joan Mitchell and Jean-Paul Riopelle. Martin for her spiritually based, serene grid paintings; Mitchell and Riopelle for their highly gestural, emotionally charged landscapes. Jasper Johns and Brice Marden inspired me to use luminous encaustic paint which I first learned over 20 years ago."​ Click here to learn more about encaustic paint.

Blue Marble III in situ

"Blue Marble III" 40"x 60" encaustic on panel. 2022 SOLD to Adam Sandler's production company for set design in his Netflex film "You Are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah!" filmed in Toronto 2022.


Anastessia Bettas is celebrating her 10th anniversary as an awarding winning, academically trained professional visual artist born and raised in Canada. She is known for her signature grid motif paintings and has exhibited in over sixty juried exhibitions in Canada and the USA. Her paintings can be found in private collections in North America and Europe. Bettas is represented by the Petroff Gallery in Toronto, ON and Galerie St. Laurent + Hill in Ottawa, ON. Her work was featured in the December 2022 Issue of Encaustic Arts Magazine with readership in 42 countries; the John B. Aird's national survey of Canadian contemporary art "Painting 2020"; the Elaine Fleck Contemporary Art magazine as an emerging artist to watch; the prestigious Latcham Gallery’s Annual Juried Exhibition and Bettas' “District” painting is in the permanent collection in the Museum of Encaustic Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a master in use of encaustic paint having over 20 years' experience; has lectured on the topic and given workshops. She started her career painting life size encaustic portraits. She has also curated several exhibitions at the Propeller Gallery (see CV). 

Bettas is a former marketing professional and dot-commer accomplishing extraordinary success in strategic marketing initiatives, operations and account management. In her last position, she was the Head of Marketing Operations at AOL Canada Inc. She left the corporate world to fulfil a lifelong ambition to become a professional artist and graduated from the Toronto School of Art with a Fine Arts diploma (three year program) in Painting and Drawing. She is a graduate of McGill University with an Art History and Literature degree, and the University of Toronto Internet & Business Technology program. She grew up being immersed in Ancient Greek art which informed her decision to study Art History. She lives in Toronto with her husband, children and two rescue dogs. She has travelled all over the world and is fascinated by geography, cultural anthropology and history. Her mother's family are revolutionary heroes and are prominently featured in the National Historical Museum in Athens, Greece.

Anastessia Bettas Studio view.PNG

Studio view working on a 60"x 60" commission.


Anastessia Bettas is a feature artist in the Winter Issue of the juried Encaustic Arts Magazine. The magazine has a readership in over 40 countries, was the recipient of the 2016 La Vendéenne Award presented by International Encaustic Artists (IEA) for outstanding contributions to the advancement and practice of encaustic art in the Media category. Available as a digital/online magazine and is a full-color, full-length magazine. Click HERE.

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