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New work: Rewilding Series

My series “Rewilding” is informed by the global initiative to restore and conserve the world’s ecosystems such as wetlands and waterways. Rewilding allows nature to regenerate naturally in areas where urbanization and habitat destruction has changed the landscape. The work evokes aerial perspectives with topographical and map elements of forested valleys, mountain views, rolling plains and lakes. The use of lines and grids meander, intersect, and intertwine, representing both physical and metaphorical journeys and offer paths for the viewer to enter and engage with the pictorial space. The brush marks and scrapes are visible; enhancing the emotion and energy behind each stroke. These terrains offer viewers a sense of exploration and invite them to contemplate the fragility of nature with references to the wonders and beauty of the natural world and the built environment.

All work available at Galerie St. Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, Canada.

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