"My desire is to create a dialogue about sprawl, migration and our encroachment into nature and space by using grids as recurring motifs to allude to the topography of landscapes and cartography.

"The grid patterns in my paintings, recall forms found in the built environment and landscape patterns found in aerial views. By using an aerial perspective in my work, I remove myself from the ground level and observe the imagery from an elevated view which becomes a form of escapism from urban life and in a sense, a mindfulness meditation. I want to share this experience with the viewer by creating dreamlike, imaginary territories that capture the energy and tension of urban sprawl, the loss of open space while evoking images of maps, satellite views and architectural structures. I'm mostly drawn to areas I've travelled to and often use my travels as references in my work. 


"I use an average of fifteen layers per panel, scraping back, repainting and using incised lines until the desired patterns are achieved. My paintings are created with either acrylic based mixed media or encaustic paint. I’ve been using encaustic paint for many years because this ancient medium offers unique textural and luminous possibilities and allows an artist to carve into the works like a sculpture.


Artistic Influences:

"I've long admired works by Agnes Martin, Joan Mitchell and Jean-Paul Riopelle. Martin for her spiritually based, serene grid paintings; Mitchell and Riopelle for their highly gestural, emotionally charged landscapes. Encaustic paint masters Jasper Johns and Brice Marden inspired me to use this luminous medium."

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