My abstract work examines landscapes and cartography. I'm influenced by the topography of remote landscapes juxtaposed with urban sprawl. I capture the energy and tension between these two geographical areas using grids to evoke maps, satellite images and the charting of imaginary territories. I’m attracted to the grid form from my passion for travel and viewing the Earth from airplanes and also from my studies of 20th century art and architecture at McGill University. The grid patterns in my paintings, recall observations of forms found in architecture ­and patterns found in aerial views from rural to urban development. My newest work, New Frontiers, is inspired by NASA's space explorations and a series of photographs of Earth called "Blue Marble."


By using an aerial perspective in my work, I remove myself from the ground level and observe the imagery from an elevated view which becomes a form of escapism from urban life.

I work intuitively, using an average of fifteen layers per panel, scraping back and repainting until the desired patterns are achieved. My paintings are created with either acrylic based mixed media or encaustic paint. I’ve been using encaustic paint for many years because this ancient medium offers unique textural and luminous possibilities and allows an artist to carve into the works like a sculpture.

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